Our mission is to provide a cost effective SBC solution to reclaim our borders from the big players back to the consumer, integrators, and service providers.  Recently founded in 2009, OSS capitalizes on the collective industry experience of its founders in building SIP Border Control applications since year 1999 to come up with a solid Session Border Control platform.

Introducing Karoo Bridge

You may download a free 25 channel version of Karoo Bridge from our repository.
We are proud of what's under the hood.  See our open source SDK at github.
Download the installation guide and flexi-route documentation here.
Users of the free edition can post their questions to the mailing list.  

Rock-Solid-SIP-Stack benefits from OSS' years of experience in developing both open-source SDK's as well as proprietary closed source communication platforms. A SIP stack is only as good as its parser. OSS SIP stack is equipped with a state-of-the-art recursive ABNF parser built from the grounds up to assure speed and accuracy in processing SIP messages. The SIP transport benefits from the modern non-blocking-io design courtesy of the Boost C++ library.

Fully RFC 3261 Compliant B2BUA supporting complex features such as topology hiding, call transfer, forked calls, trombones or hairpins, event packages which are either broken or not supported at all by other competing brands.  Upper Registration Persistence allows user agents from within the LAN as well as mobile users accessing the network from the open Internet to seamlessly use corporate IP PBX's without the need for additional administrative work in creating what would have been a very complex routing configuration. Upper registration also allows calls bound to users behind a NAT or a symmetric firewall possible by maintaining the NAT binding open without the need for user agents to refresh their registrations at very short intervals.

Integrated Freeswitch for SIP trunking and transcoding.  Freeswitch is a reliable and mature solution for SIP trunking and Karoo Bridge leverages this solution by exposing the ability to bridge calls to the the internal Freeswitch modules by calling a single API call in your Flexi-Route scripts.

Karoo Bridge does not rely on Freeswitch for any of its SBC functionality.
Light-weight RTP Bridge supporting relay and transcoding of audio, video and T.38 UDP frames. Karoo can handle up to 5000 simultaneous RTP channels per box using a standard off-the-shelf Linux server. RTP Bridge comes in 100, 500 and 1000 channel modules and can be extended by attaching additional RTP Bridges to Karoo.  As of version 1.5, Karoo also supports RTP repacketization.

WebSocket and WebRTC Bridge support has been introduced in version 2.0.  Karoo Bridge can now transcode your WeBRTC traffic towards legacy SIP servers.

is the non-intrusive routing and authentication engine for Karoo. It is an ECMA compliant JavaScript engine that can cater to any type of routing requirement in any level of complexity. Adoption of JavaScript as the scripting language guarantees the smallest learning curve required to learn how to perform routing in Karoo. It can bridge calls from any number of disparate domains by letting the user decide which NIC/Interface to use for a particular route. Karoo will not impose any limitation on the way calls are routed be it IP-based, domain-based, dial-string-based, time-of-day-based, day-of-week-based or any combination of these criteria, Karoo will support it. JavaScript has built-in support for regular expressions allowing for an exceptionally flexible routing functionality. On top of this is a very rich API that exposes all stages of the transaction from receipt of the request all the way to sending of the final response where transaction behavior can be finely controlled including the ability to change SIP headers or even inject new proprietary headers in the SIP request.

Simple-Configuration makes the creation of custom administration applications for Karoo an easy task. All configuration are stored in text files using the familiar Linux C style configuration syntax which makes it readily accessible to third party applications or web based configuration portals. Administrators who are already used to JavaScript will have zero difficulty working with the Karoo configuration files.